The Freedom From Empty Podcast

The Freedom From Empty Podcast

Hosted by: Booth Andrews

Every other week, I explore the effects of stress, burnout and trauma on our health, well-being, relationships, and organizations, communities and - more importantly - share actionable strategies and tools we can use...


5 Tips for Setting Boundaries at Work

Season #1 Episode #36

Individuals, teams and organizations who operate within clear boundaries are more likely to thrive. Maybe you know how to use boundaries at work, but need a refresher. Maybe you never considered boundaries at work as...
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My Money Story

Season #1 Episode #35

Sometimes we get exactly what we asked for. And sometimes we have to live through things we didn't know how to live through to get to the other side. From the time I was no longer able to work in 2015, I have known I...
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Starting Again Isn't Starting Over

Season #1 Episode #34

We may be conditioned to believe that life is an upward trajectory. And that if it isn’t, we are doing it wrong. But that construct just isn’t true. Often life feels like two steps forward and one step back....
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Vacation Rx

Season #1 Episode #33

Toward the end of 2018, more than half of all employees were going to leave vacation time on the table at the end of the year. In fact only 23% of employees were using up all of their vacation time. And 10% weren’t...
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What Will You Hold Space for in 2020

Season #1 Episode #32

It is easy to get caught up in all of the goals, resolutions, "to dos" and the big aspirations a new year can bring. I know I have. But what about all of the things we need to hold space for in our lives? The things...
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Be Still

Season #1 Episode #31

Do you struggle to find peace in stillness? There was a time when I was completely unable to be still without becoming overwhelmed with anxiety. I missed being present in my life and with my little people. And living...
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4 Stress Recovery Strategies That Don’t Cost $$

Season #1 Episode #30

Self-care seems to have become synonymous with acts of indulgence. But the truth is, that self-care doesn't have to cost a thing. A quick recap: chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation which leads to chronic...
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Not Done Yet

Season #1 Episode #29

Are we there yet? Am I there yet??? This healing and becoming more human business is hard work. And sometimes, we wonder if we can't just be DONE already! Like, really. Why can't life be easier?!?! This episode...
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You Are Not Broken. Your Body Just Needs You.

Season #1 Episode #28

A significant part of my healing journey has been learning to listen to my body, to heed its signals, and to take more gentle care of my body in response to its messages. For those of us who are used to demanding that...
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Choosing Self-Compassion

Season #1 Episode #27

Self-compassion is a critical component of self-care and resilience. And yet, many of us struggle to speak kindly to ourselves in the face of our perceived mistakes and shortcomings. In this episode, I explore how we...
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Fishing Line

Season #1 Episode #26

Instead of living our lives on autopilot (or entrenched in long-held beliefs, habits and behaviors that no longer serve us), we can choose a different path. On a short vacation with my family, I had the opportunity to...
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4 Steps to Validating (and Releasing) Our Emotions

Season #1 Episode #25

Emotions are a messenger from our body to our brain; designed to keep us safe. And if we ignore these signals when they are a whisper, they will get louder and more pronounced; ultimately resulting in illness and...
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