Hey, I’m Booth! Mom, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Lawyer, Coach, & Giver of "Booth" Hugs


You can be the hero of your story. Join me on a journey towards embracing your whole humanity and expanding into your full potential.

I've walked a challenging path filled with stress, burnout, trauma, and mental illness, and it nearly cost me everything.

Ever feel like you’re one second away from falling apart?

I lived that way for years. Until 2015. When I crashed, hard.

You see, the very qualities and behaviors that propelled me to great heights of success were also my Achilles heel. I had an incredible ability to overcome obstacles, relentlessly pursue my goals, and ignore my own needs. Sadly, this approach eventually broke me.

However, I discovered that embracing my humanity, with all its complexity and potential for restoration and repair, can be a superpower. Have you ever felt like you were on the brink of falling apart? I lived that way for years until I crashed hard in 2015. I ran myself into a wall repeatedly, ignoring the warning signs until my body finally said, "No more."

I understand the fear, the feeling of being utterly alone, and the belief that if you open up about your struggles, people will judge you and abandon you. It feels like everything is at stake, and hope seems elusive. I've woken up with nothing, having lost all the measures of success I worked tirelessly to accumulate, with the hope that someday I could relax and provide a better life for my children.

But, step by step, day by day, I began rebuilding my life.
It took over two years before I could string together a whole week of "good" days. Finally, in the summer of 2019, my mental illness went into remission, and in 2020, I even managed to wean off the medication I had relied on for years. Healing is an ongoing process, and I continue to learn how to step more fully into my body and the experience of being truly alive.

But here's the truth: You are not alone. I've been in that personal ground zero, and I've risen from it. Now, I'm here to help you on your own journey. Let's commit to having the difficult conversations, creating a safe space where we can be truly seen, and celebrating our imperfect humanity together.

Let's commit to talking about hard things, holding space, and pursuing wholeness.

Let's curate a space to be seen and celebrate our, sometimes limited, capacity as human beings.

Together, we can break the invisible chains that bind us to ways of being and working that no longer serve us, and perhaps never did. Together, we can reclaim, restore and expand your potential. Together, we can change the world for the better. 

Okay, Let's be Honest

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"Booth Andrews shares a powerful testimony.  Through storytelling, her authenticity and vulnerability captivates the audience and draws people closer to their own truth. Her story is one of resiliency and hope that translates into actionable takeaways for both work and life leadership."


- Tiffany McGee, HR Professional