What if being human is your superpower?

I'm Booth, and I help people reclaim the power of being human.

  • We can be strong and soft. Powerful and vulnerable. Visionary and fully present here and now.
  • We don't have to bypass, ignore, hack, or punish our bodies and minds into submission in service to cultures, systems, behaviors, and coping strategies that no longer serve us. And if we do, we will get sick. 
  • We can challenge the status quo, create new solutions, build businesses and stay well.
  • We can set big goals while releasing into the natural rhythms and seasons of life and business.
  • We can set our intentions and hold ourselves gently as we walk through the deconstruction and transformation it may take to claim them.
  • We know that life feels hard because it is hard. We can tell the truth about our pain and trauma and heal
  • We can feel our emotions without being controlled by or afraid of them.
  • We can validate our own experience without devaluing the experience of another. 

We only expand our potential by honoring our humanity. And we don't have to do it alone. 

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6 Steps to Stress Recovery and Burnout Prevention

This program is not a quick fix. In this course I walk you through the life-changing lessons I learned as I rebuilt my life and well-being after crashing and burning in 2015

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Freedom From Empty Podcast: Helping you create a path for life and work that allows you to be fully present, peaceful and free.

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"Booth is the only person I had ever known who gave healing language to the negative thoughts in my head and gentleness to the wounded, physical limitations of my body. You spoke so honestly, elegantly, holistically and authentically about your professional and personal experiences. Through you I learned the concept of self-care, which has given me permission to heal the body, mind and spirit, each at its own pace.”

-Alex, Former Coaching Client

Freedom From Empty Podcast

Follow along as Booth Andrews explores the effects of stress, burnout and trauma on our health, well-being, relationships, organizations, communities and - more importantly - shares actionable strategies and tools we can use to become strong, effective, resilient leaders and humans. 

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Imagine a world in which we, individually and collectively, have the capacity to navigate with strength, endurance, flexibility, and resilience; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Imagine a world in which we are whole.

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Reclaim your power & humanity.

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