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The demands of a 24/7 culture have lead to overwhelming stress and, ultimately, burnout among entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and employees alike.


Working and living in the face of chronic uncertainty and burdened by unresolved traumas, it frequently feels like surviving is our only option. By partnering together, we could break out of the cycle and move from surviving to thriving.


"Booth's authenticity and candor regarding such a pervasive crisis of human well-being is validating & refreshing. Her presentations and workshops are each unique in topic, but all with a shared sense of empathy and compassion for all. Booth helps listeners connect to their vulnerability and challenges and guides them with tips and techniques to focus on their long-term well-being."

Sarah Alexander, HR Professional

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"Our high-performing team members have significant demands on their time including managing client service excellently while maintaining work/life integration. In sharing her compelling story of ‘running on empty,’ Booth connected with our employees to help us better understand how to navigate these challenges. She has proven to be a wonderful resource."

Mouzhan Mangum, Chief Administrative Officer, PYA

Featured Talks

Topic: Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

Duration: 45 min - 1 hour

  • Understanding mental health
  • Acknowledging the relationship between mental health and physical health
  • Causes and stages of mental illness
  • Risk factors and warning signs for mental illness and suicide
  • How to support someone who is showing signs of mental illness or risk for suicide

Topic: Burnout

Duration: 45 min - 1 hour

  • Define the "stress cycle" and better understand what is happening in our bodies when we are stressed
  • Learn how to recognize the signs, symptoms, phases and impact of burnout
  • Understand the impact unmitigated stress has on our health, behaviors and performance
  • Learn how to work with your body to reduce stress load, prevent or heal from burnout, build resilience and increase capacity for impact

Topic: Understanding Trauma

Duration: 90 min - 2 hours

  • Define trauma 
  • Explore factors that determine whether someone who has a traumatic experience becomes "traumatized"
  • Identify symptoms of unresolved trauma
  • Explore the connection between trauma and poor life/health outcomes
  • Explain how trauma can impact work and personal behaviors
  • Engage in simple practices which can help bring a "sense of safety" to the body as a first step in starting to release/resolve traumatic energy

Topic: Toxic Productivity & Compassion Fatigue

Duration: 1.5 - 3 Hours

  • Define toxic productivity
  • Define burnout 
  • Learn to recognize signs, symptoms and stages of burnout
  • Define compassion fatigue (burnout + secondary trauma = compassion fatigue)
  • Learn to recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue
  • Understand the four centers of energy and how an intentional cycle of exertion and recovery supports overall health, well-being and performance
  • Engage in simple practices that support the body's ability to recover from stress (and prevent burnout/compassion fatigue)

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"Booth is a great speaker who uniquely builds connection around mental health through authentic storytelling. Through her presentation, we learned useful skills to care for our own mental health, identify the needs of others, and know how to respond and support someone going through a crisis. With so many people struggling with mental health, this conversation is worth having."

Program Manager, Benefits, Global Software Company

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