The Freedom From Empty Podcast

The Freedom From Empty Podcast

Hosted by: Booth Andrews

Every other week, I explore the effects of stress, burnout and trauma on our health, well-being, relationships, and organizations, communities and - more importantly - share actionable strategies and tools we can use...


What If You Were Born a Badass?

Episode #74

What if YOU were born a badass? I think we arrived here with the capacity to be total badasses. And then the world gets a hold of us. So for many, the journey back to self and soul is a journey of unlearning, of...
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Interview with Bonnie Casamassima

Episode #73

From a very young age, we have been inundated with messages that we can only trust those authorities and institutions that are outside of us. We have been taught not to trust ourselves. I sat down with Bonnie...
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Quiet Wins

Episode #72

So much of our culture is focused on quick fixes, magic bullets, and hacks. But healing cannot be hacked. And some of the most significant milestones--the ones that announce that healing has happened or is still...
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Interview with Bailey Rose

Episode #71

Just over five years ago, at 19 years old, Bailey Rose was forced to choose between freedom and financial support from her parents. She chose freedom. In this episode, Bailey shares the story of what it took to break...
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What Are You Going to Quit?

Episode #69

Our culture has come to celebrate performing and persisting at all costs. But what if some of those costs are actually way too high? What if not quitting could cost us our lives, families, relationships, careers . . ....
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It Isn't Your Fault

Episode #68

I have come to believe that many of us are just out here living our lives, unwittingly playing out our (unresolved) traumas on each other because we don’t fully understand or appreciate what is actually playing out in...
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Does Your Self-Preservation Button Work?

Episode #67

Last week something occurred to me that hadn’t hit me in quite the same way before. Some of us may not have our self-preservation button engaged. Or, we are so accustomed to overriding the warning signs, that we don’t...
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This Isn't About Self Improvement

Episode #66

I see you. You think if you are struggling you must not be “doing it right.” If you could just be a “better” version of yourself, life wouldn’t feel so overwhelming or challenging. What if I told you that this isn’t...
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Remembering to Dream

Episode #65

Dreaming of a better future is a key ingredient to well-being and our ability to realize our full potential. But somewhere along the way, you may have forgotten how to dream. In this episode I share more about my own...
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Holding on Too Tightly

Episode #64

Many of us have been conditioned to “just do it” or go out and make things happen. And if we don’t? We must not want “it” badly enough. But what if holding on too tight and forcing things leads to poor results (at...
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When We Are Whole

Episode #63

What does it mean to make ourselves whole and not perfect? We put human beings on a perfection pedestal to look up to but we may not even have an image of what it means to be whole. We will dive into imagining what...
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Warning Signs!

Episode #62

Warning signs are messages from our body that something isn’t right. If we learn to listen to them sooner rather than later, we can avoid a crash. I recently came face to face with a warning sign I ignored for too...
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