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6 Steps to Stress Recovery and Burnout Prevention


A step by step process for staying connected and calibrated so you can recover from stress, prevent burnout, and expand your capacity for impact.


Corporate Workshops and Keynotes


Authentic and vulnerable stories captivate audiences. Actionable takeaways empower transformation. 


Customized Burnout and Trauma-Informed Solutions


Invest in your team's health and well-being with a customized plan for addressing chronic stress, burnout, and mental health. 

"I’m a member of a national council of labor/employment in-house counsel. We were brainstorming ideas for a speaker, and one of the members as an aside referenced how exhausted they were from “everything.” I immediately thought of Booth; she has openly shared her own experience with burnout, and her content on her website and social media told me she would be a perfect fit for a topic on self-care. Booth worked closely with our council coordinators to establish an understanding of what would be of interest to us. Amazingly, in 90 minutes, she not only showed her mastery of the topic, but she provided us with useful and meaningful ways to measure our own level of burnout. She also provided information on what to do about it, all without overwhelming us or making it feel rushed. Booth also made it conversational, easing all of us into a topic that can cause people to freeze or not want to share intimate experiences. She was a breath of fresh air—walking away from a “seminar” with calm and peace instead of a panic about what we aren’t doing but need to be.
If you want to provide your team members with an informational experience that is interesting, engaging, and doesn’t overwhelm, Booth is absolutely a top choice for you."


- Laura Woods, Senior Counsel