Episode 5: Listening

We hear a lot about listening to our teams, co-workers, and perhaps even our kids. But what about listening to ourselves?

When we listen well, to the messages our body is sending to us, we have the opportunity to support ourselves in a way that builds our health, strength, resilience, and ultimately, performance. When we listen well, we build connections (as opposed to barriers and disconnect). What do missed opportunities for listening look like? And what is the cost?

If we do not listen to, and care for, our basic physical needs, our well-being suffers. We can even create disconnects that are difficult to bridge--an inability to "hear" what our body is trying to tell us over time. Over time, this failure to listen leads to chronic illness and disease. Learning to listen, and (re)building physical wellness and resilience, begins with the basics. In this episode, I share some of the ways I have learned to recognize, and respond to, the signals that my body is sending to me.