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For the monthly cost of a cup of coffee, you can have a "Self-Care Angel" on your shoulder. Receive prompts, gentle nudges, reminders to breathe, and gold stars delivered straight to your phone. 


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*By checking out via the buttons above, you're agreeing to receive messages from Booth via SuperPhone. Subscribers can opt-out at any time by replying STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE. Your carrier may charge you normal SMS or data rates. Message frequency varies. For more information please review SuperPhone's Terms and Privacy Policy.

Phone Booth Recipients Say...

"I love that Booth actively responds! It’s not a spam system of motivational messages. Sometimes I just need the read and go about my day. Other times when I’m feeling in the thick of it as a business owner mama, it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of in the moment."

"Before signing up for Phone Booth, I was familiar with the deep value that Booth brings to all she encounters. So I knew it would be so good for me. I was so right! Receiving these text messages always come at the perfect time!"

"I signed up because I love Booth. I stayed because I am terrible at taking care of myself and feel grateful for the nice reminders. It’s like having a self-care angel on my shoulder."

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