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Cohort Program for Women-Owned Businesses

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Don't journey through business alone.

Your support system is waiting for you and will be with you every step of the way. Women-owned small businesses can transform the narrative around the hustle, the 9-5, and the presumed exhaustion that must come from owning a business.

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"I was at a point in my business where the first two "real" years had slowed down, and I didn't know how to move forward. I was always just working on the next item that showed up on my to-do list (usually an item on fire), never feeling like I was designing the to-do list - just doing what needed to be done. A time came when I needed to be the 'boss' instead of just the worker bee, and I didn't know how/why/where to make those decisions. Now, I hold myself accountable because I feel empowered to look strategically and make a plan that works for me."

Opening Session

  • Opening Session | Aligning your business model with your why, your well-being, and your definition of success
  • Three-day in-person workshop (February 1-3)
  • 4 hours each day (transportation and lodging not included; lunch and snacks included each day)
  • Day 1 | Inquiry (your why and your well-being)
  • Day 2 | Workshop My Business (aligning your business model with who you are, what you want, and how you define success)
  • Day 3 | Determine Your 2023 Action Plan

Let's Talk Details

Nine months (February 2023-October 2023)

Important Dates:

  • Application Opens for Early Bird Registration - December 15
  • Early Bird Closes - December 31
  • Application Closes - January 18
  • Cohort Launches - early February


  • $6750 total
  • 3, 6, or 9 monthly installment options
  • First-month deposit due on registration


  • 15% early bird discount before December 31
  • 20% off for prior group coaching and retreat participants (can be added to other offers)
  • 10% pay-in-full discount before January 18 (can be added to other offers)
  • One partial need-based scholarship is available


Chosen based on the unique needs of the cohort members and may include:

  • Getting to know your ideal customer
  • Building a budget and financial projections
  • Pricing your products and services
  • Building, empowering, and managing a team
  • Legal structures and risk management
  • Making decisions with more ease and confidence
  • Supporting your body by completing the stress cycle
  • Maximizing your resources through the four centers of energy
  • Preventing and/or recovering from burnout
  • Honoring and processing your emotions
  • Grounding and managing your energy
  • Trusting the wisdom of your body
  • Choosing your "no's"
  • Embracing cycles (of life, business, seasons, body)
  • Discerning when to push and when to let go
  • Recalibrating your nervous system in support of your goals
  • The importance of play
  • Integrating well-practices in your day to day
  • Asking for help and building a community of support
"I was feeling stagnant in my business planning and was searching for accountability from women in the community to build confidence and momentum in my business. Because of this program, I have shown up more consistently and authentically. I can clearly define my "why" in a way that I wasn't able to articulate before this program. I have more tools and confidence in combating negative self-talk and persevering. I admire how Booth holds an incredibly safe space for women entrepreneurs to own their power and greatness."


- Anna Kern, Strong Stock Farm Events

Ongoing | Building Confidence, Getting Unstuck, and Expanding Into the Possibilities

  • Nine 1:1 coaching sessions with Booth (in person or virtual)
  • Two in-person group connection and coaching sessions (May, August)
  • Seven virtual group coaching sessions
  • Nine virtual learning sessions; may include guest speakers/experts
  • Weekly goal-setting, encouragement, and celebration via a dedicated Slack channel
  • Introductions to subject matter experts for each piece of your business model
  • Discounts on other programs/offerings as applicable
  • Monthly optional virtual coworking sessions
  • Monthly independent book study around cohort topics (books are provided)
  • Free subscription to Phone Booth weekly texts
  • Direct access to Booth via Slack
  • Access to Booth's resource library
  • Downloadable well-being library 
  • Optional "Booth Hugs"
  • A community of support!
  • Closing Celebration | Half-day in-person (October 2023; transportation and lodging not included)
  • & More