Episode #75: Breaking the Chains of Fatphobia (Part Two)


My conversation with Kate Brosnan, a weight-neutral, non-diet, Registered Dietician, continues in this episode as we challenge some of the commonly held beliefs about the association between weight and health, weight stigma in healthcare, and the truth about weight cycling. We also explore the dangers of applying hyper-performance behaviors to our attempts to manage weight. Listen in now.

Resources (from Kate)

‘Food Psych’ podcast with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD
‘Anti-Diet’ book by Christy Harrison, MPH, RD
‘The Fuck It Diet’ book by Caroline Dooner
‘Wellness Lately’ podcast with Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron
‘Let Us Eat Cake’ podcast with Ali Eberhardt, RD, and Hannah Robinson, RD 
‘Food Isn’t Medicine’ book by Dr. Joshua Wolrich, MD
You can connect with Kate at www.katebrosnanrd.com and by email at kate@katebrosnanrd.com.