8 Exercises to Rediscover Your Purpose


One of the things that can easily happen when we live our lives focused on work and/or the expectations of other people is that we lose sight of who we are, what matters most to us, and why it is important for us to stay healthy and thrive. Being  disconnected from our values and a greater sense of purpose in the world can leave us susceptible to the whims of our culture and superficial demands that take on a life of their own and can propel us beyond our capacity.

If we are to stay rooted in our well-being, it is essential that we stay connected to who we are at our core. And when we thrive, we can bring our very best to our life and work.

So how do we rediscover who we are and what unique value and purpose we have in the world? Here are 8 exercises that will help you do just that:


Write, draw or make a collage in response to the following questions:

  1. Think back to the stories that have shaped who you are today. What did you learn? How did you experiences change you? What have you experienced that you want to share with others? What things have you experienced that you want to help prevent for other people.

  2. Reflect on who you are at your best. Capture as many words or images that describe or represent all of the very best things about you.

  3. How do you define success?

  4. What are your values? Possible values (yours do not have to be on this list):

  5. What is most important to you? Another way to think about this is what do you not want to miss? When you reflect back on your life, what will be the things that mattered the most?

  6. Now, think about how you spend your time. Does the way you spend your time match what you say is most important to you? If not, how can you make adjustments so that your investment of time is consistent with what you say matters most?

  7. Write down, draw or capture all of the things you could do with your time, energy and passion. Now for each one, sit for a moment and reflect on that option. As you reflect on each option, does your chest feel expansive and open? Or do your chest and/or throat feel heavy and constricted? Make a note of your physical response to each option.

  8. What kind of inputs do you need in your life to help you perform at your best (ex: sleep, exercise, friends, alone time, spiritual connection, etc.)? How can you build these inputs into your life on a regular basis?

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